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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tribal Knowledge Video: Putting Screw Threads in Aluminium

Thank you Giovanni Manzoni, whoever you are! 

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  1. Bill!
    Yikes you have a hammer out next to the heat sink!!

  2. Hi Bill,

    You chose a difficult size for your first use of a tap. As you found out, 4-40 taps are very fragile! A couple of tips to add to the Tribal Knowledge:

    1. If you use a hand drill, it pays to drill the hole first with an undersize bit, and then enlarge it with the correct size bit. This is not necessary if you have a drill press.

    2. A better lubricant for tapping aluminum is kerosene, or if that's not available you can use WD-40. The oil is better for tapping steel.

    3. You found the correct method for turning the tap holder - the T handle is only necessary if you are using taps larger than about 1/4 inch.

    The amplifier looks pretty nice - hope it works out OK.


    Shlomo, 4X4LF


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