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Friday, February 5, 2016

Beautiful BITX17 Presentation by Chris PA3CRX

This is a really amazing presentation on our beloved BITX rigs.  This presentation takes the viewer from block diagram to schematic to photos of the actual circuits and throws in great graphics showing spectra and filter curves etc. 

There is no sound.

Here is the link in case the embed above doesn't work:

Thanks Chris!


  1. Would be wonderful if it worked! HOWTO required for the Prezi system :(

    1. Dex: Can you just click on the arrow at the bottom of the screen? Bill

  2. Did that, got about 3 screens, no further. Since discovered cog at bottom-right to auto-play. Concur - great show, great rig!

  3. Whatever happened to the older days, when text was king, and photos an adjunct?

    If it's video, or even audio, chances are good I'll not bother.



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