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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Emilio's Mirror of JF1OZL's Site

JF1OZL's site was for many years a real treasure trove and source of inspiration for homebrewers around the world.  It recently disappeared from the internet.  And I find no listing for JF1OZL on   I hope Kazuhiro is OK.  

Emilio in Mexico has put up a mirror site.  Thanks Emilio.  We need to protect and preserve JF1OZL's work.

Here is a SolderSmoke blog post on Kazuhiro from 2011:


  1. Looks like The Internet Archive,, also captured quite a number of snapshots of JF10ZL's website over the years, in addition to Emilio's excellent mirror.*/


  2. The mirror is again

    another mirros site


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