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Monday, August 2, 2021

Mythbuster Video #12 -- Bandpass Filters

The really cool part comes at the end when I put the scope probe on the output, then on the input of the bandpass filter.  Exciting stuff my friends! 

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  1. Beautiful! Perfect demo of the function and power of simple LC filters to clean up a complex waveform. You can see the rough shape of the 3.6MHz since wave with the 14MHz wave superimposed or modulating it. Takes me back to high school physics, the superposition principle of waves, so simple, waves add, that's it!

    Ive been working on a video on a diplexor experiment, first time I've ever put a spectrum analyser (A moderately poor man's one, RSP1A), on the output of a DBM. It's a mess! The desired IF is nowhere near the strongest spike amongst all the unwanted ones. Then, connect in the diplexor and things improve dramatically. Fun! Complex things become simple with basic rest gear.
    Paul VK3HN.


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