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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Much SSB Tribal Knowledge in Bill Orr's 1959 Handbook


There is a lot of really excellent information and tribal knowledge in the 1959 issue of Bill Orr's Radio Handbook.  I was especially taken by Chapter 17 (SSB) and Chapter 28 (Low Power Transmitters and Exciters).  

Looking at the 1959 SSB rigs, I don't see any information that points to the origin of the LSB/USB convention.  Most of these rigs -- especially the phasing rigs -- include provisions for switching to either sideband.  

Check out the "Glove Compartment Sideband Exciter." 

Here is the link to the Orr book: 


Thanks to Tony K3DY for sending us the link that led us to this book.  There are many other great books there: http://www.rsp-italy.it/Electronics/Books/indexhtm 


  1. Bill,

    Not sure this is what your looking for but here is a link about it.


    73 Rich, WD3C

  2. Thanks for passing this on Rich. But there are a lot of discussions like this on the internet. Like this one, they usually involve 1) someone asking where the convention comes from (good question!), 2) someone else repeating the myth about rigs with 9 MHz filters and 5.2 MHz VFOs, 3) someone else pointing out that #2 won't work, 4) believers in the myth getting mad and criticizing those people who point out that the rules of arithmetic make the myth impossible. 73 Bill

    1. Sounds like many an internet discussion.

      I suspect this is lost in the mists of time.
      My pet theory is that the myth is correct, because people back then made the same misunderstandings, created the convention, but never actually tried to build it, or gave up when it didn't work.

  3. Just want to point out that if you read about some subject in a text book then it's not Tribal Knowledge ��


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