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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

SolderSmoke Podcast #233: PIMP, Boatanchors, Novices, MMM, Heathkits, DC Receivers, Mailbag

SolderSmoke Podcast #233 is available. 


Travelogue: Cape Cod. SST. Marconi Site.

The WFSRA:   The World Friendship Society of Radio Amateurs.

Pete's Bench:

The Pimp.
The NCX rig.
The Collins.
The many DC receivers built worldwide.
The parts shortages are real! Several key radios on hold. Si5351 sub.
Talk to G-QRP convention

Bill's Bench:

FT-8. Not for me. I tried it.
Novice Station Rebuild.
Globe V-10 VFO Deluxe.
Selenium rectifier removal CONTROVERSY?
Not crazy about my Novice station. Not crazy about CW. 
Mate for the Mighty Midget. Again. 
Mike W6MAB -- Detector problems LTSPICE Check
One more mod for MMM RX. Ceramic filter at 455.
Dropped screw inside tubular cap on Millen 61455 transformer. 
Talk to the Vienna Wireless Society
Thinking of a Moxon or a Hex beam.

BOOK REVIEW Chuck Penson WA7ZZE New Heathkit Book. http://wa7zze.com


-- New SPRAT is out! Hooray!
-- Todd K7TFC sent me copy of Shopcraft as Soulcraft. FB.
-- Dean KK4DAS building an EI9GQ 16 W amp. FB.
-- Jack NG2E Getting close on Pete's DC receiver.
-- JF1OZL's website is BACK!
-- Tony K3DY sent link to cool books. 
-- Sheldon VK2XZS thinking of building a phasing receiver.
-- Peter VK2EMU has joined the WFSRA. FB!
-- Ned KH7JJ from Honolulu spotted the Sideband Myth in the AWA video.
-- Chris M0LGX looking at the ET-2, asks about the variometer.
-- Pete Eaton Nov 64 anti HB rant in november 1964 QST. Wow.
-- Josh Lambert Hurley spreading FMLA stickers in the UK. FB
-- Stephen VE6STA getting ready to melt solder.
-- Got a great picture of Rogier PA1ZZ back on Bonaire.
-- Farhan reading the manual of Hans's new digital rig.
-- Paul G0OER wonders if FMLA getting ready to move on 5 meters.


  1. I'm liking the new bluesy intro music but I did like the previous surf music too(probably have the genres wrong)

  2. One of my other hobbies is the drafting and polishing of snotty-but-erudite come-backs to online denigrators, naysayers, and trolls. Here's one that applies to the "how dare you" troll who chewed out Pete for modifying his HW-101:

    "Thanks for expressing your concern, OM, but I've consulted my lawyer and he assured me I'm allowed to do whatever I want with something I bought and paid for. Still unsure, I then consulted my priest who warned me it would be pagan to worship any physical object, whether it's a golden calf made on the plains of Sinai or a amateur radio made in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Thus fortified by the law and by faith, I can say definitively: I don't give a flying choke coil on a rolling pentode what you think about the ways I made *my* HW-101 better than when new. Pax vobiscum."

    I never actually post these little compositions in reply (well, not any more, anyway), but I always feel like a new man afterwards. --Todd K7TFC

    1. Todd are you available for hire ? Awhile back I was in dire straits. Was questioned for hours on end because its now public knowledge I'm a member of the CBLA. I'm unable to function on your level when under duress !

    2. Oh, you wouldn't want to hire me--I'm just an amateur smart ass. There's some real pros out there just panting for work. I think some might even be Colorburstistas themselves who haven't yet come in from the cold. 73, Todd K7TFC

  3. Todd: I have sent your comment to Pete. I'm sure it will have a therapeutic effect! Your response was wonderful. Right on the mark. 73 Bill

  4. Have just tuned in after a few years' hiatus. What a delightful, witty, informative podcast. Love the back and forth. You guys are like the Car Talk guys of ham radio. The comments about FT8, selenium rectifiers, the HW101 uograde, antennas---all nice to listen to. Saludos desde XE...

  5. Wow Roberto, so good to hear once again from our correspondent in Guadalajara! Your messages about Guillermo Gonnzalez Camarena, and about your taking a detour to Radio Row (while getting married!) stuck with me. Keep in touch OM! 73 Bill


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