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Friday, June 18, 2021

Jean Shepherd on CW, and Strange Propagation -- QRP!

From 1965.  Great CW stories from Shep.  QRP!  Shep running 2 watts on 20 CW, working DX. 

He discusses shortwave listening,  and predicted that CW shortwave listening would become more popular (sorry about that Shep). 

It was real hoot to hear the 1965 public service ad from NYC Mayor John Lindsey. 

The Kazoo CW was a bit hard to copy OM. 


  1. Thanks for the post, Bill. Now, don't think any less of me when I say that I never really heard of Jean Shephard until your mention in SolderSmoke--The Book. Yes, I heard him narrate "A Christmas Story," but I had no idea about his ham past. Plenty of his shows on YouTube.

  2. Hello Jack -- Even though Shep was on WOR more than 50 years ago, he sounds almost contemporary. I have been gathering the ham-radio related shows -- as with this latest on, there may be many that I have missed. Here is the collection so far:
    My favorite is the one with the Heising Modulator. He is so obsessed with the problem that he messes up a date with a girl from school. In the end she tells Shep: "Your mother should take you to a doctor!"

  3. the kazoo CW gets RST 391 from me


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