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Monday, September 21, 2015

China Puts NINE Amateur Satellites in Orbit


Chang Zheng 6 CZ-6 rocket

Big news!


I have pulled my 2 meter down converter out of storage and  have connected it to the Drake 2B.  These satellites are due to be over my location at 0720 local tomorrow.  I will be listening.

CAMSAT XW-2A formerly known as CAS-3A


  1. Hi Bill
    Any known ETA for TLEs at Celestrak?

    1. No, and these sats are not on Heavens Above yet either. But here is a pass predictor that I have found accurate and useful:

  2. Anyone realised that XH stands for XinHua (China, Chinese)? Incidentally the Chinese pronunciation is very similar to French, and Englis slang picks it up (from there) as "Chin-wah" and Cockneys take it into their rhyming slang as "China" - "me ol' China" (->China plate,-> mate).


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