GM Bill,
Dover Construction Club lads all send their regards! We're still gong strong but summer is always a bit slack.
Young Neil has built himself a HUNTER SDR receiver, the rest of us are involved on projects but often chin wagging takes preference and little gets done..... Merv is the big offender of course, not me!
I'm working on a big linear for my 160m winter fun.... using a Russian triode.... of course it will loaf along at 400W, our legal limit.
Nigel is now the other side of the country but he's still involved and considers himself an active member. Building like mad but still not doing the important thing of bashing on with his Morse. He's getting better and that was proved last night.
Peter came round with his new KX3 and we put it on the air..... We worked Nigel and he insisted that he did not use his morse reader..... I could be ingratious and say there may have been a little 'porky pie' (lie, sorry, London cockney slang!) It might have been running on the side of the bench but he didn't look at it!
I have a KX3 on order and expect that in the next few weeks..... I've gone for the kit.
While on holiday my ic 7200 burst into flames..... well, filled the house with smoke! The PSU had gone to 22v and the PA board did not like it. It's a real mess inside but surprisingly enough there are few internal problems.... a few charred caps on various boards and one 9v reg giving 8volts but the Rx still works!
The Tx works up to the PA board as well! It was insured and they have paid up so I might order a new PA board and keep that in the workshop as the rig down there.
I've started to downsize as well.... I have far too much gear.... I've got 160 Morse keys for a start and use four of them!
Sorry, in rabbit mode..... 73 for now
Ian, G3ROO and GB2SPY (oh, and KG3ROO and G0ROO).... and DCC lads