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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

UPDATE: HW-7 Fixed After 36 Years

Dave Oldham had sent us a report on his resurrection of a long-broken HW-7. I responded by saying that the FCC should give him a license on the spot, based solely on his HW-7 success. Well, Dave got his license (by the normal procedures) and has put his rig on the air. Here is Dave's report:

Update -- Granted a license today. Couldn't wait to make a contact. Took just a couple of minutes. Heard Dave, N9KKY, calling CQ and I answered him and he heard me. The very first contact this old radio has ever made. Based on his location he was 237 miles from me as the crow flies. My dipole is between 12' to 18' off the ground, so it was NVIS since Dave was off the ends of my wire. Anyway, between whipping the dial back and forth to hear and be heard plus other close stations and my newb status to both sending and receiving Morse, the QSO was short and mostly missed by me. But it was neat hearing my new call sign, KC9WIP, come back to me on this ole girl...I'm happy! 73

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  1. As F8WBD I worked a station in the northeast USA less than a year ago who was running a HW-7. I believe a dipole was his antenna and the band was 20 meters. Full copy of his clean, non-drifting signal. I think I was more excited than he. I was also QRP, but five watts. QRO compared to his two.


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