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Sunday, July 22, 2012

KJ6VU Talks about Microcontrollers at Dayton

Podcast listeners will recall that George, KJ6VU, of Sierra Radio Systems, was a sponsor of SolderSmoke. When I was running George's announcements, I felt kind of bad about the fact that I really didn't have a good feel for the product, or how I might use it. I've also felt guilty about the fact that I haven't yet put to use the HamStack starter kit that George sent me.

I feel that the time is coming for me to redeem myself. The radio gods are pushing me in the direction of microcontrollers:
1) Billy is getting into them.
2) This weekend, for no apparent reason, I started working on my old N3ZI Digital Dial (a gift from Jerry, NR5A). It is built around a microprocessor.
3) I need a new frequency generator.
4) I came across George's video (above)

In the video, George does a great job of explaining how microcontrollers can be used in ham radio. In answering the last question from the audience, he explains the differences between microcontrollers and the new Raspberry Pi boards.

Great stuff! Thanks George!

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  1. I've been having a blast with my arduino, an old gps, and APRS. I'm working on an APRS tide logger using the arduino. Also thinking that a QRP Raspberry Pi SDR with a small LCD screen sure would be fun. Yeah its a long way from discrete components but still very alluring.


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