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Sunday, July 29, 2012

SolderSmoke Podcast #145

SolderSmoke Podcast #145 (July 29, 2012) is available


-- Derecho Storm hits Northern Virginia
-- Cappuccio impersonates a Pitt Bull
-- July 4 Fireworks
-- A 17 Meter QSO with W5JAY (QRP Hall of Famer)
-- Rules of Thumb for Decoupling Caps (.1 uF now suspect)
-- Heathkit: Mic jack? Or Mike jack? (Who is this Mike guy?)
-- On the air with the K2ZA DX-100
-- Saturnian Sidewalk Astronomy
-- NJQRP "Chat With The Designers" -- Mandatory Listening!
-- Back with the ARRL: Goodwill Transmitters and Herring Aid Receivers
-- Billy's computer build and Arduino adventures
-- Fixing up NE602 20 meter DC rig
-- Join G-QRP! Support our SPRAT!

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  1. Thanks for the mention on the podcast! CWTD is a lot of fun, and TONS of great information. The "show notes" for each episode is beginning to become an awesome collection of must-have info for the homebrewer. Hopefully you can join in "live" one of these Tuesday nights.

    AA5TB has great info on EFHW info, really good site!

    You may want to check out my most recent YouTube video that discusses parasitics and self-resonance of inductors and capacitors:
    It discusses this very point. One thing I show is a 0.01uF cap which is self-resonant at about 5.5MHz - of course this is with about 3" of total lead length. Shorter lengths will push SRF much higher...

  2. That's a nice looking shack.
    I didn't realize you had so much room!

    Bill N5AB

  3. Great shack Bill! Is that your DX map on the wall? For when you take the Elser-Mathes Cup.

  4. RBarnardBaca XE1GXGJuly 31, 2012 at 1:37 AM

    Nice digs (or den)radio room! Like the "Self-Repair Manifesto", too!

  5. thanks for the podcast! You are always interesting to listen to.

    Also interesting to hear what (annoying) background noises, :) sounds like a high pitched alarm going off in the background. It stopped when you got to the mail bag.


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