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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Pete Juliano N6QW on Homebrewing and SDR (Video)

Pete recently spoke to the Peel (Canada) Radio Club about SDR and homebrew.  The first 13 minutes show the club members but then it shifts to Pete.  Great stuff. 

Another Amazing Rig from VK3HN (Video) (EI9GQ Design)

Monday, September 16, 2019

ONE VOLT rms Reaches New Hampshire from Virginia

 My son Billy was back from college over the weekend (he came back to help me celebrate the completion of yet another orbit of the sun).  I was showing him my 8 part rig and telling him that it puts out 20 mW.  He asked a good question (he is a scientist):  What is the voltage at the antenna terminal.  I checked:  ONE VOLT rms.   About 1.414 volts peak.  Think about that.  My transmitter is sending a signal to New Hampshire from Virginia on less than the voltage of  AA battery.  

Two more spots on the Reverse Beacon Network (see above).  Another skimmer station in New Hampshire.  My signals seem to like the granite state. 

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Virginia to New Hampshire (one way) on 8 Parts and 20 mW

Having gotten the regen receiver portion of the ET-1 transceiver working nicely, I'm now working on the transmitter.  This is a much easier circuit to get going. (Check out the right hand side of the schematic below --- that is the transmitter.)  I have not made any contacts yet, but yesterday I called CQ on 7050 kHz and watched the Reverse Beacon Network to see if any of the skimmer stations picked me up.  Success!   W3UA up in New Hampshire received my signals. 

I was running about 30 milliwatts to my doublet antenna. The transmitter consists of EIGHT parts.  And three of them are the low pass filter. 

Next step:   Bring the transmitter and receiver together by using the switching scheme that OM Yingling used.  The RX and TX will share the same single FET (MPF-102 or J-310) with all three leads from the FET switched from TX to RX.   Then I will try for the elusive QSO with a single FET. 

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Saturday, September 14, 2019

16x2 in Juliano Blue! The CRAP Single Board Transceiver by N6QW (VIDEO)

Another amazing rig and another very useful acronym from the wizard of Newbury Park.   

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Saturday, September 7, 2019

SolderSmoke Podcast 213 WE'RE BACK!

N6QW's Analog CW QRP Transceiver
SolderSmoke Podcast #213 is available.

7 September 2019

The dire consequences of our summer absence. 


Pete's Bench Report

-- Transceiver Count:  FORTY!  
-- Colorful OLED screens
-- Pilgrims and Paisanos -- "Left Coast Homebrew SSB"
-- Pete builds a CW transceiver (see picture above)

Bill's Bench Report: 

-- Going minimalist
-- Tuna Tin 2 + Herring Aid 5 = Fish Soup 7 (and later 10)
-- My QRPp QSO with K1PUB overheard in Canada
-- Glen Yingling's ET-1 
-- Bill attempting a single transistor transceiver


-- Antuino's Cubesat Origins. Farhan's Antuino Mods
-- Apollo 11 Anniversary
-- Possibly the best space book ever:  "Carrying the Fire" by Michael Collins
-- Chinese microsat sending eclipse pictures from the moon
-- LightSail 2 success
-- India has spacecraft in lunar orbit. 

Eric Sears ZL2BMI and Dino Papas KL0S on "QSO Today" Podcast


ZL2PD's Sugar Cube VFO
N8WQ gets free samples
N5RWF Getting started, wisely wearing beret
VK2EMU Australian Ad for Collins Filters
W1PJE on new LDMOS PA transistors
KA4KXX Al Fresco 75 meter SSB rig with model plane engine mufflers!  

Forgot to mention:  W9TH still has manuals for whover owns Drake 2-B #4215.  Check your serial number! 

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