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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Radio Art -- Zenith Tube Ad

This ad was recently shown on the K9YA Telegraph.  I was wondering about its origins.  I asked noted thermatron guru Grayson Evans -- he referred the question to fellow tube guru and author Ludwell Sibley.  OM Ludwell gives us the origins: 

She’s in a promo for Zenith, an Italian prewar brand that sold European triodes of types originated by Philips, and a few equivalents of American types.  She’s based on classical Italian art.  Doing a high-wire act while holding a small early-‘20s European           radio! I have an 11 x 17 glossy color print framed on the wail in the display room.  I ran       her as the cover art in a long-ago issue of “Tube Collector.”  “Three cheers for the red,       white, and green!"
Ludwell Sibley is the editor of "The Tube Collector."   Great stuff.  Their web site is here: 

Sibley's book "Tube Lore" can be purchased here: 


Thanks Grayson, Ludwell, and to the K9YA Telegraph. 

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