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Monday, August 26, 2019

Single Transistor Regen Has QSO Potential (Video)

In my previous blog post I'd expressed skepticism about using a single transistor regen on the air.  But over the years I've learned to give new receivers a chance.  They usually don't work perfectly on the first try.  You have to work with them.  It is almost as if you have to peak and tweak a lot in order to get them to properly inhale signals from the ether.  

That has been the case with this little receiver.  I found some silly mistakes in my construction.  And I decided to try some more sensitive headphones.  I ditched the 1000 to 8 ohm AF transformer.  And I added a very small variable cap for fine tuning.  

The results are amazing. See video above. It performs as well as most of the direct conversion receivers I've built. It is remarkably stable.  

I do think I could make contacts with this receiver.   I might eventually go the full ET-1 route and try to do it with a single switched FET, but I think my next step will be to built a single transistor crystal controlled transmitter on the same piece of wood, and try to make some contacts with a two-transistor rig. 

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