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Thursday, July 5, 2012

VE3ICH's Ugly Weekender

Wow Jeff -- thanks for the kind words in the credits.

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  1. That's a nicely done homebrew! I'm inspired to break out the parts box and soldering iron.

    I have nearly all the parts, even the vernier drive. But not the FB enclosure.

  2. Nice job.

    In their design Wes and Roger had 3seperate boxes:
    VFO, transmitter and receiver.
    The VFO had feedthrough caps on the DC voltage line.

    This would greatly reduce the harmonics described by builder.

  3. A seperate shielded VFO reduces
    microphonics . sorry poor English

  4. See Part 3 on this web page:

    Bernt Diethard, Berlin


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