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Thursday, July 5, 2012

A BITX-20 Emerges from the SolderSmoke

It's  not mine -- I haven't started yet.  But Robert sent us this picture and progress report on his BITX-20  project. (Nice Tek scope in the background.  Is that a 465?)
Dear Mr. Meara,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences in
SolderSmoke. I found your book (kindle version), to be entertaining and
inspirational. The amateur radio bug bit me hard early this year, earned
my tech & general in January, extra in February. Asking myself "Where
has this wonderful hobby been all my life"?
    Especially want you to know that because of the reference of the
Bitx20 in your book, I built one (kit from India), and made my very
first hf contact using a homebrew rig and homebrew dipole antenna. The
thrill was absolutely fantastic! Attached is a picture of my bitx20
moments after making my very first hf contact ever between northern
Alabama (my QTH), and the Calgary Alberta radio club about 2k miles
Please take some credit for being part of the inspiration!
    Note, my bitx20 is now packaged and portable, next project will
is a QRP antenna tuner, and buying a commercial "fancy" HF transceiver.
Thanks again!
Robert Conklin

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