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Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Truly Amazing Workbench and Shack of VE7ZWZ (Video)

Brace yourselves.  This is almost too much.  Prepare for sensory overload and possible palpitations.
Wow.  This is really amazing.   Note the very casual way Paul manages to mix Eico 430 oscilloscopes with the latest Tek touch-screen 'scope.  Heck, the doesn't even mention the SP-600s!  He does briefly note "a very large transmitter." Indeed. And he has a microscope on the bench.

This video is part of an excellent YouTube channel called "Mr. Carlson's Lab."   Great stuff in there.  Paul works on everything from old tube type receivers to modern Yaesus and Icoms.

It took me a little digging to find his ham radio call sign.  There are many Paul Carlsons on, but Paul's pronunciation of "solder" gave him away.  It seems our Canadian friends also (like the Brits) pronounce the "L."  VE7ZWZ. 

Check out his channel.   Lots to learn there:

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  1. Paul's lab and attention to detail is outstanding. I find myself saying "sol der" from time to time though :)

  2. Fantastic post. I joined Paul's Patreon account to say thanks. Agree he does not emphasize the Ham Radio interest that much. I like the SX-28 but he has several boatanchors. Looks like a Metrology Lab but more classical stuff. Going to fix my HQ129-X owned since 1970's based on his and other videos! Hilary W4HDL


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