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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Progress on Pete's "ZIA"

It is practically SPARKLING!   Beautiful job Pete.  I'm glad you are actually boxing this one up! 

Pete has many more pictures of this project here: 

He also notes that there may have been some sub-conscious Knack wisdom at work when I dubbed his rig "The Zia."   I was thinking strictly in terms of language and ethnic heritage:  TIA stands for Termination Insensitive Amplifier.  But in Spanish it means "aunt".  But in Italian Aunt comes out as Zia.  So Pete's should be a Zia, right?  Capisce?

Well Pete puts an electronic twist on it:

"Once again you are spot on with ZIA (With  Z the electronic symbol for Impedance).  Thus Impedance (The symbol Z) Insensitive Amp. Thank You."

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1 comment:

  1. La ZIA mi piace molto molto .e vero come una bella signorina...Pete,congrats...very very nice rig ,caro amico americano :) 73 de 9a3xz,Mikele


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