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Sunday, June 8, 2008

SolderSmoke 85: Special QSO with WA6ARA

June 8, 2008 

Echo-QSO with WA6ARA!

Phoenix lands on Mars.
Beacon operations.
Adrian Weiss, W0RSP. FB QRP Author.
Need correspondent for Flea at MIT.
Understanding balanced modulators.
Dan's accident (Dan's Small Parts).
Hendricks Cap Kit.

"Hot Iron" Journal of The Constructor's Club
The Woodpecker.
MAILBAG (Return of the GONG!):

KC0PEI on "IP Telepathy"

Mark Z on a crank-up Pocket Pixie.

Ramakrishnan in Singapore.
Niels PE1OIT on Robert E. Pease.
Jerry NR5A: Cursed with Beacon Madness.
Echolink QSO with Mike, WA6ARA.

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  1. Hi, Just wanted to comment about the connection between ham radio and the Phoenix lander. It is really a surplus hound's dream. The lander is from the mothballed Mars Surveyor 2001 lander and some of it's experiments come from the ill fated Mars Polar Lander.


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