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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Arduino -- Italian Open Source Hardware

Scott Haley in Tulsa alerted me to this very interesting article in Wired magazine. How do you say Knack in Italian? Check it out: Wired article on Arduino


  1. Sweet little board! And now I finally understand the open source hardware model! Thanks for the pointer!

  2. I've used the Arduino plenty. It's not fast enough for signal processing, but it's ideal for any kind of control function. You could write a real nice custom keyer for it too. The big plus about Arduino is how easy it is to use and program, and all the tutorials and examples freely available. It's aimed at non-engineers to use. So even if you feel allergic to anything digital, you really should give it a try. I recommend the Arduino Starter Kit from www.adafruit.com, or any of the Arduino products available at www.sparkfun.com.

    73 de KC7IT

  3. Hey Bill. Funny that you should mention the Arduino. I had one lying around, and have been waiting for my K1EL keyer kit to arrive, and I got impatient, so I used the Arduino to code up a simple beacon keyer, and made a simple cable to connect it to my trust FT-817. Took less than fifteen minutes, and I didn't have to make a cootie key to use it. Heh heh. For me, the easiest hardware to build is always done with software. :-)

    I made a quick little Youtube video.

    Mark KF6KYI


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