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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Homebrew Solar Panels

I hate to tell you, but all you guys who are using STORE-BOUGHT solar panels are a bunch of APPLIANCE OPERATORS. Time to roll your own, and REALLY make your own electricity.
Woody, KF4TQJ, sent me this interesting link on how to make your own solar panel:
Before you get carried away by homebrew enthusiasm, scroll down a bit on that page and check out the cost estimates for large scale application of this technology.


  1. Neat project. I first saw this concept on:

  2. Very nice!
    I also made a review on my own on GreenDiyenergy guide to make a solar panel on your own and found it very usefull!
    Would be great if i could have your opinion

  3. sent me this interesting link on how to make your own solar panel:

    how make solar panel

  4. I have reviewed very similar product which claims that you can make your own solar panels and cut electricity bills.He claims that it can be build under $100.He claims that he will tell you things that big companies hide from us .

    Check my review about his product at
    How to make solar panels at home

  5. In this environment of global warming and diminishing oil resources, it makes sense.to turn our awareness to natural and renewable resources.

    Solar Energy

  6. The physical the attributes of the installation site the should determine the type of the panels that best suit, then there is then the confusion as which brand, company,the and the cost variations that are out the there in most markets.

    solar panels

  7. If you install a solar panel in your house, you are tapping into this massive source of free energy, and slashing your fuel bills. There are also great environmental benefits to solar energy, as it produces no pollution.


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