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Thursday, August 13, 2009

SolderSmoke (The Book) Reaches the Oregon Coast

Wes, W7ZOI, took the book with him on vacation and sent along this shot from the Oregon coast. I told Wes that I was really nervous when I saw his e-mail in my in-box. The book has sections about my "understandings" of various aspects of electronic theory. I worried that the e-mail would reveal that these were all "MIS-understandings." I was very relieved that wasn't the case! Wes provided an interesting bit of ham radio history/trivia: Around page 169, I have the iconic picture of Wes out in the winter woods somewhere, with a homebrew QRP rig in his hands. I remember seeing this picture as a kid. I found it inspirational: a stoic homebrewer, using his invention to communicate from out in the hostile wilderness. In his e-mail, Wes tells me that in that photo, he was actually in contact with another station. It was Lionel, VE6WG, up near Calgary. This photo was taken by K7IUN. Thanks Wes!

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  1. This could be a new feature - "Places where Soldersmoke - the book has been read around the world".

    I've just read it in Saas Fee in the Swiss Alps, but don't have a photograph to prove it!

    However, having just got back into construction 7 years after my first daughter was born, with a 70Mhz receive converter, I have persuaded my two daughters that it would be fun to build a crystal set with them. On one of our hikes in the Alps I picked up some chips of iron pyrite which it would be cool to use as the detector in a crystal set.



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