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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The FUNKY Keyer

Paul up in Manchester has some really intriguing ideas on CW and keyers. He likes highly personalized CW from straight keys, and thinks he can even hear the influence of Latin-based languages when receiving signals from stations in France and other Romance language countries. (Like me, he also thinks a bit of homebrew chirp adds some character to signals. ) Automatic keyers seem to squeeze all of the individuality out of CW. So Paul has written some computer code to put that individuality back in! Can we get a "Lake Erie Swing" option Paul? Check out Paul's blog. Interesting stuff!

Hi Bill

Further to the kind words of introduction you gave me as a “new homebrewer” in Soldersmoke 104, I’m writing to let you know about a little project of mine which I think you might appreciate…

I made a h/b keyer a while back and recently added the ability to send automated 3*3 cq calls (and cq FISTS calls).

On doing this, I realized how much I HATE the sound of machine generated CW – so mechanical and lifeless. I want to hear a real fist – preferably with some chirp and drift thrown in for good measure!

So – I’ve come up with an alternative – The FUNKY keyer!

It adds some random timing "jitter" to each automated cq call, to simulate the sound of a real fist on a straight key.

You can read all about the Funky Keyer on my blog, http://m0xpd.blogspot.com

The blog also documents some of the other outcomes of my personal puffs of solder smoke, including the “Funster PLUS” 40m CW Transceiver and the “Not-so-superhet” experimental valve receiver. There’s some operating stuff, including WSPR on 40 and 80m with my Softrock SDR and I was inspired by Soldersmoke to include some travelog – ZL, VR2, BY, HB, etc.

Hope you enjoy it.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for all the enthusiasm and inspiration you continue to give us in Soldersmoke,

73 de Paul, m0xpd

Paul Darlington

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