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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

YouTube meets QRSS

They seem like two very different technologies, right? They are certainly at opposite ends of the speed spectrum. But David, EA1FAQ, has made innovative use of YouTube video to present -- in a very useful form -- the signals received by his QRSS grabber over a three day period. This kind of system brings to to visual QRSS a bit of the retrivabililty that makes WSPR so useful and interesting.

David's test period happened to include the time that I was out at our country place with my 3 mW QRSS beacon. Back in Rome I could indeed see my sigs in David's video. He was kind enough to follow up with the actual shanpshot of my signal crossing the Med:


  1. Brilliant! Thanks to David for that. What a great way to visualize changing propagation and activity. I'd love to see that done across Field Day.

    73 de KC7IT

  2. What band is this? How was this video capture done? Thanks, David


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