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Saturday, July 31, 2010

From Italy to Virginia: Move update

We're still in a temporary apartment, waiting to move into our new place. The new QTH has some good tall trees suitable for wire antenna support. I have my eye on a room for the shack.

Not much radio activity this summer. I do have my Sony shortwave receiver with me -- I've been listening to 75 meter AM. My Heathkit VF-1/DX60 combo will be coming out of storage, so I may soon be joining in.

My kids got I-phones and are having a lot of fun with them. As we drive along they are in multimedia contact with friends back in Italy (and elsewhere), texting, e-mailing, Facebooking, video-texting, etc. The I-phone 4 is an amazing piece of gear.

Summer reading: I kind of got bogged down in "Is God a Mathematician?" by Mario Livio. Good book, but as he gets deeper into it you really need to focus -- I'll get back to that when things settle down. I'm currently reading "Why does E=MC^2"by Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw. I was attracted to the book because it promises to discuss the role of special relativity in things like toroidal tranformers. (There is a section called "Einstein in the Transformer in SolderSmoke -- The Book.") I like the authors' approach to math: they actually explain where the formula for gamma in special relativity comes from.

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  1. I am pleased to hear from you. Meantime keep staring and dreaming about these threes and what antenna(s) they will support.

    Get an iPad for all your reading and load "Heavens Above" you will like it!


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