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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Back on the air with QRSS QRPp

I dusted off the old G0UPL QRSS QRPP FSK 30 meter transmitter (built and last used in Italy) and hooked it up to about 50 feet of AC line cord stretched low across the new Northern Virginia backyard. I hooked it up to my Kempton Park power supply (thanks for the chip Tony!) and fired up my freq counter (also from Kempton Park -- remember the chip I soldered in backwards?) I put a field strength meter next to the wire and tuned my L network for max smoke. Hey, and it worked! My signal is the wavy shark fin-looking thing. I think the wave results from a temp drop in the shack that happened when I opened the door. Just to confirm it was me, I turned the transmitter off for a few minutes. You can see me disappear from W1BW's screen.

Its good to be once again emitting EM waves!


  1. That's pretty cool Bill. Seeing that I was wondering if you've tried playing with the numerous webSDR sites on the net now? Our ham club used them to compare two antennas' reception around the world, with readings given in dBm! It was kind of amazing to get that kind of real-time display of your signal from multiple locations and azimuths.

    Looking forward to the next episode.


  2. I saw your shark fin nice and clear recently on my MEPT captures. I'm working on getting some kind of grabber set up soon. Glad to see the SS podcasts return.

    73 Vince - N9VN


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