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Monday, February 28, 2011

Hamfest Report

Bert, WF7I, at Winterfest

I had a great time at the Vienna Wireless Winterfest. The weather was very nice, so I moved my sales operation out to the tailgate area. I managed to sell the Heathkit Twoer that I was trying to get rid of (the receiver is a REGEN). Also sold a bunch of old books, an old o'scope, and some other odds and ends. I picked up a few things I needed, including some solder wick, a replacement rubber band for my wrist rocket antenna launching sling shot and a backup mic for the podcast (just like the one you guys are so find of).

I met many podcast listeners. Bert, WF7I, and Mark, KJ7IEA, from the University of Virginia (the guys with the rhombic) were there and it was great to meet them. N3UMW, the designer of the SolderSmoke logo, was there at my sales table, but I didn't realize until after the hamfest that he'd been there - -I would have liked to have talked to him! Oh well, more 'fests in the DC area are coming up, and I still have some junk to sell.

SolderSmoke 131 should be out tomorrow.


  1. Thanks Bill! Hope you got my email with the pics and the APRS track of W4UVA's "mobile comm center"!

    I'll try to post to your vlog with my google account ID from now on. I look forward to reading SolderSmoke. Just as I did with many of the old podcast episodes, I plan to take some notes as I read.

    Vy 73,

  2. Is that a floppy drive in the picture?
    How quaint
    Looking forward to the next podcast.

    Bill N5AB


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