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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

160 and WARC Dial Chart for Drake 2B

This post will, I know, be of interest only to a small, elite group: Drake 2B owners who are using their beloved receivers on frequencies beyond the range of the original design. I have used mine on both 30 meters and 17 meters, so when Mike KI8IK sent me the above chart, I immediately saw its usefulness. Thanks Mike.
Of course, with the rumored cancellation of sunspot cycle 25, the 17 meter portion of this chart may be of limited use :-(


  1. Thanks Bill, You made my day with this one! Nice to see that there is still so much interest and support for the old girl!
    72/73's Armand (WA1UQO)

  2. See the following for an improved version of the Dial Chart:


  3. Hello Bill,

    Well...17 has been open IF one tunes across it AND is willing to use CW. 30 is good also in the late evening hours: two Russian stns last night! I have worked six new countries in the last 6 days so the DX is out there.



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