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Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Bar of King Arduino

I'm not sure what I would do with an Arduino, but articles like this definitely make me want one! Here's one passage:

To make the board, the group had a specific, student-friendly price as their goal: $30. "It had to be the equivalent of going out to dinner at a pizza place," Banzi says. They also wanted to make it quirky, something that would stand out and be cool-looking to erudite geeks. If other boards were often green, they’d make theirs blue; while some manufacturers economized on input and output pins, they’d add plenty to their board. As a final touch, they added a little map of Italy on the back of the board. "A lot of the design choices are weird for a real engineer," Banzi says with a knowing laugh, "but I’m not a real engineer, so I did it in a silly way!"

Here's the article. Note the origin of the name of the device.


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  1. For some ideas head over to brainwagon.org, the blog of K6HX, where he's described projects such as a flicker flame for a halloween pumpkin, an LED communicator, an earth satellite orbit display and some links to other Arduino projects such as a MPP solar charger.

  2. PICAXE.com? :-)

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