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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Australia's Largest Hamfest

Hi Bill,

Just wanted to pass some pics of the Central Coast ARC Hamfest in New South Wales at Wyong approx 100km north of Sydney and about 80-90km south of my QTH. As you can see there was a reasonable amount of people there and some boot sales as well.

The first thing that I found in the boot sale area was a copy of SSDRA (1977 vintage) almost as old as I am. I found it in one of those boxes under a table with other books on top. I immediately gave the book to the guy selling it and asked how much, and to my surprise he said $5 Aust. I couldn't get my money out quick enough and put it my bag that I had for collecting all those small parts. See attached pic of said book. I saw a brand new copy of EMRFD at the WIA stand for $85.
On my way around the boot sales I also saw this Hallicrafters radio and I thought of you and took a photo of it the only thing was I have no idea what model it is?

I also picked up a couple of small variable caps with the nice ceramic fronts on them and only $1 each. I also picked up some hard drawn stranded copper wire 2.5mm dia & 200m long for only $170 which isn't too bad a price here in Oz.

The biggest part of the day was catching up with all the guys I know from the area where I am now and others I haven't seen since I went last time in 2008, so it was a great outing and will have to start reading another book and start looking at maybe making a HB 30m APRS Txer for when I go I my next trip.

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  1. Looks like an s-38?



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