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Monday, April 2, 2012

Google CW!

Google announced this yesterday. VERY timely. I wish I had thought of this!

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  1. Bill are you having an Oprah moment? Don't know if you noticed the release date, reminds me of someone's alleged appearance on a TV show in the recent past. 73s Don NJ2E

  2. Obviously April 1st but it already exists! I had a morse input keyboard app for my old Android phone. I forget the name of it as I haven't gotten around to installing it on my new one but it was free through the marketplace. It pretty much looked like in the video (maybe that's what they were using) well... except for the multitask thing. I'd love to see somebody actually do that!

  3. Me too! Bencher. It'd be a heckuvalot easier to input "text" for "texting" with the Bencher key plugged into the Samsung than fightin' with the QWERTY kb...73


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