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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How many hams in China? Not many.

I've been wondering about amateur radio in mainland China.  Given the very large population, and the high levels of technical and engineering activity, you'd expect to see evidence of more ham radio activity from that country.  Sure, there are plenty of commercial rigs manufactured there, but I've never seen an article about a Chinese homebrew rig, or a reprint from a Chinese ham radio magazine.   I did some Googling, and unfortunately found out that my suspicions are correct:  There are very few Chinese radio amateurs.  
What a pity!  Imagine the great rigs and circuits that would come out of that country.   

Here are the numbers from from a 2009 IARU report (authored by the Chinese Radio Sports Association:
The total number of individual amateur radio stations in the mainland of China is about 19,000, while the number of active club stations is 124as counted in March 2009. In fact there are over 10,000 new comers get amateur radio station licenses each year, the total number of certified amateur operators during the past 10 years is accumulated as over 70,000. However, as the license is valid for 2 years and about the same number of previous licensees did not renew their license in time in each year, the net population of valid transmitting amateur radio station appears almost flat.

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  1. There does seen to be quite a QRP/kit scene in China, although I've not managed to get past the language barrier yet. http://vk2rh.com/2010/10/kn-q10-ssbcw-5w-kit-us280/ has some good jumping-off points for the intrepid Googlista.

    Rupert, G6HVY


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