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Saturday, March 2, 2013

QRO Problem, and THE KLUGER

Hi Bill,

I've been enjoying your podcasts for a couple of years now and have read both of your books. Please keep up the good work it is much appreciated. In fact, as I can now have both your books and your podcasts on my iPod they are quite literally held close to my heart.

Inspired by your "Kludge Controversy" - enclosed are a couple of photos that I took while on Mount Wellington in Tasmania.


Mount Wellington is a high mountain and is a good launch point for radio waves over the city of Hobart. The visitor lookout has this fantastic warning sign "Electronic disturbances to your vehicle" warning that the transmitter on the mountain can seriously interfere with your car and it may not start, the doors may not open, and the immobiliser may permanently immobilise it. The advice is "A metallic sunshade may reflect radio waves away from the vehicle" and allow you to start it. I'm sure your QRP rigs need no such dire warnings!


And in the very same car park I see this car called a Kluger. In what flavour of English is that a good idea? I know the Brits and Yanks differ over a few phrases but I've never before come across an Oz word that means the exact opposite.

Thanks again for all your many inspiring "broadcasts", and may the Magic Smoke (
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_smoke) always stay where it should!


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  1. A quick look at Wikipedia tells us that the Kluger is the same thing as the Highlander in the USA. Toyota ran into trademark problems in Japan and Australia.



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