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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Oldest Drake 2B? (now with pictures)

Bill and Soldersmoke readers,
One of the earliest and still surviving Drake 2Bs is owned by Paul Brock (K4MSG) of Hamilton, Virginia.
Paul is very much into Boat Anchor Ownership and Restoration.  
If you are interested, look at his write-up titled “The Magic of Boatanchors” http://www.k4lrg.org/Projects/Magic_of_Boatanchors/index.html
K4MSG’s Drake 2B Receiver s/n 2052
In my perspective, this receiver is still an absolute “Keeper.”  
If anyone has a Drake 2B older than Paul’s,  we’d love to see it.
We have all surmised that the first 2B was serial number 2000, from the first production run back in April 1961.
Paul’s radio could have easily been one of the first receivers to hit the market.
Interesting sidebar; The early 2B and 2As do not have the red scale log scale adjustor button.  
I remember these when they first hit the market. They seemed so small compared to the Hammarlund, Hallicrafters and National triple conversion receivers from the same era.
Most Old Timers felt they were not going to get their monies worth with a tiny receiver sitting next to their big 60 to 100 Lb. transmitter.
In 1962, this was a very modern radio both in style and performance. Coupled with the Q-Multiplier/Speaker you had a superb receiver which worked extremely well on C.W., A.M. and S.S.B.
My first experience with the Drake 2 B came at Skyview Radio Club near the Pittsburgh, Pa area back in 1965.
Here is one of those early ads that show the Drake 2B without the Red Scale Slider Button.
Happy building and melting solder everyone.
73’s De -=WA3EIB=- Harv. Albq., NM
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  1. Bill, those photos didn't come out for some reason.

    Interesting write up on the Drakes.


  2. Yes, the images are not showing up

  3. It is interesting to note that according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index Inflation Calculator (link below), the 279.95 base price of the Drake 2B in 1962 is equal to $2,164.55 USD in 2013.


    73's, David

  4. I found this site while searching for information on my late Dad's Drake 2B. When the post mentioned the early serial number, i got curious and looked at the back of Dad's --- Serial number 2046. While Dad encouraged me to get my Ham license years ago, i never managed to do it. The 2B still resides in his shop, and I fire it up just to see if I get a nibble. The only antenna hooked up at the moment if for 20Mhz, and since I dont know what Im doing, it takes some fiddling to get/hold a signal. But I have listened in on transmissions from afar, so in that respect, it "works". I really need to find a local Ham to "dust it off" and assess its functionality. I have a soft spot for old tools, old cars, old trucks, old stuff in general. Would love to post some pics, once I figure out how/who to send them.


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