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Friday, December 23, 2016

Big News! BITX 40 Module Gets Digi Side Car! Raduino!

A very nice Christmas present from Farhan in Hyderabad!   An Si5351/Arduino Nano VFO for the ALREADY AWESOME BITX 40 Module.   I'm really glad Farhan kept the digital stuff on a separate board -- it just seems like the right way to do it. 

Details on http://hfsigs.com


  1. Now you're cookin' with gas! :-)

  2. Any plan to add a retrofit kit for the previous version of the board?

    1. I was wondering the same thing, having just received the first edition. The joys of being an early adopter :)

      I can't really complain, though. Even if I ordered a complete second set, I would still be getting good value overall, and I like the idea of supporting Farhan's efforts.

  3. I have the first version, I designed my own VFO boards, had them made in china and then modified the BITX to use it. I did have a lot of trouble with digital bleed over into the AF Amp. But got that mostly sorted, all i have left is some chirp from the Rotary Encoder, i think i need more decoupling capacitors to get rig of it fully.


    I have ordered version 2, I am going to turn that into a multi band rig for 80, 40, 20. The main goto bands for portable operators in VK.


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