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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Caribbean Beach Listening Post

Oh man, I wish I was still there.  It was 85F and very nice on Christmas Eve on the Eastern tip of the Island of Hispaniola in the Dominican Republic. I wasn't transmitting -- this time I was just doing some listening with my trusty Sony SW receiver.  But it did occur to me that the palm trees would have been EXCELLENT antenna supports. 

On December 24, 2017 around midday on 17 meter SSB I heard: 
NE2Q, NO4FR, IZ2LSR, N4DIR, PA1CC, N4LO, EA7JR, MI0TLG, VE1IOU, PA3WB, IU5FFM, KD4POK, HK2RMR, KB5VUM AND KG9DW   I was just using the little telescoping antenna that comes with the Sony. 
On December 26, 2017 also around midday I heard on 20 meter CW K8GL AND ZS1C. They were in contact -- I was located between them. 

I am now back in Virginia where it is 15F, dark and windy. 


  1. Now that looks like the way to celebrate the holidays!!!!

  2. Welcome back!Time for some thermal underwear! Happy New Year!


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