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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Steve Murphy N8NM on QSO Today

It was really nice to sit back and listen to Eric's talk with Steve Murphy. 
Don't miss this one.  Listen here: 


My notes: 

-- On  a Stingray bicycle patrol on garbage night, looking for radio parts.  FB Steve! 
-- Started with SWL.  A fine radio pedigree. 
-- Had an R-390A at age 16.  
-- Uses an LC meter to check on toroid windings. 
-- Steve:  Thanks for the kind words about inspiration. 
-- Manhattan And Ugly.    Mugly!
-- Planker!  Better on a Board!
-- Form Factor First, but then it never fits! Al Fresco! 
-- Packages arrive from China faster than they go across Israel. 
- - E-bay as a really good source for parts. 
-- Oh god, not an S-38E.  Stop torturing yourself Steve. 
-- N8NM: Radio Renaissance Man:  Runs a 2 meter repeater network.  Thinking of 900 MHz. 
-- Papa Legba -- I got it from a W9SCH via SPRAT.  He got it from Voodoo.
N8NM is chickenkiller.com   FB. 
-- Moderation?  Ha!  Good luck with that! 
-- An Electromagnetic Playground where Failure has No Consequences.  Well put. 

-Happy New Year Eric and Steve!  Thanks to  both of you. 


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