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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Hyderabox! uBITX in a Lunch Box

Oh man, I'm sorry I missed this one.  John sent it to me in January, but it got lost amidst all the uBITX messages.  

I like it!  It shows that I am not the only one guilty of re-purposing Benton Harbor Lunch Boxes.  

But what should we call it?  It is now more Hyderabad than Benton Harbor.  How about Hyderabox?  That's it!   

  You mentioned in your last podcast recycling "Benton Harbor Lunch Boxs". Many decades ago I talked my Junior High shop teacher into letting me build a Twoer instead of his lame project. Over the years  2 meter AM and the Twoer faded away. 
I recently revived a Lunchbox case for my uBitx. I added a Sotabeams CW filter that is controlled by the old T/R knob. Down the filter is bypassed, up one is wide CW and up two is narrow CW. The green pilot light light is a CW tuning indicator. 
I use KD8CEC's code which cleans up many small problems and adds a memory keyer and CAT control to the uBitx.
I modded KD8CEC's code to remove the paddle sense segment so that it only works with a straight key. This makes the keying much cleaner. 
First contact with the modded uBitx was this morning. With 5 watts out I got a 599 from K3Y/7 (K7QBW) in Oregon back to me in Ohio.
    Bob    KD8CGH


  1. I've never seen a Lunchbox close up, but I knew someone who had a Heathkit audio generator and I assumed it used the same, except the audio generator case was green. So other Heathkits might offer a similar case.

    Or at least be true, and make the rig a 10, 6, or 2 Meter rig. A portable there means you can go where there's height, and thus make effective use of a low power VHF SSB ri.



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