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Saturday, August 18, 2018

QSX! Hans Summer's New SSB Rig Revealed in South Africa

I liked this video.   I liked Hans' description of his mechanical skills, and the way he has at times become a "human CNC machine."  

This seems like a much more sophisticated rig than the QCX.  I may be wrong, but  QCX seemed to be essentially an analog phasing rig with a narrow CW audio filter.  I kind of expected the SSB version to be a QCX with broader filter, but QSX is a different,  more sophisticated, SDR rig. 

Once again, three cheers for Hans Summers.  We should all pay him to go to those summer conventions -- every time he does, something new and important for ham radio comes out of the trip.  


  1. Hi Bill,

    It only keeps getting better! Just watch for the $50 version of his design coming out of China or India. We live in the golden age. My Kudos as well to Hans. Bravo!


  2. I guess that's why he keeps his source code to himself. Smart guy! Looking forward to waiting for a QSX when it's released.


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