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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Our Dismal Digital Future?

I'm sure some would find this device appealing -- to each his own.   But I don't like it.   It seems to mark another step down the path toward the complete appliance-ization of ham radio.  Note how the control head is looking more an more like something for your car audio system, or your cell phone.  
Count me out. 
Just say NO! 
Menus are for RESTAURANTS!  


  1. https://youtu.be/aymgxsxm54c

    Here is a uBitx with an remote head, very homebrew, and pretty SDR too, but still uses crystal filter IF. It has Arduino menus!! Any of Pete's rigs could do this. Just say it, no diplays on your analog radios, thats the bottom line...

    Ed KC8SBV

  2. Ok Ed, I see what you mean. If it is homebrewed like the one in the video, I guess it is OK. But the whole "remote head" thing is a bit much for me. 73 Bill

  3. It is intended to be a communications appliance for the commercial market. Things have moved on from a couple of crystal controlled channels running USB. A project here is to modify a Tracker Scout from the 1970's for the amateur bands. Bought for $60 on Ebay.

  4. the same was said when they outlawed spark and when ssb was introduced. sit back and enjoy the ride

  5. Barrett (and Codan, and Micom) manufacture HF radios for the commercial market. These are channelised, and use either Selcall or ALE to establish calls - in the fact the Codan's user interface is similar to a smartphone, with the called party's radio ringing to indicate an incoming call. The customers are 99% military, law enforcement or relief agencies, and almost exclusively in developing countries. They are not aimed at amateur radio enthusiasts (G4KFK, former Sales Manager, Africa, Codan)

  6. This radio is manufactured in Australia. Given its features, it looks like it is mainly directed to the truckers, schools, medical facilities and ranchers who are in the remote outback.


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