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Saturday, July 20, 2019

From Bill's Apollo 11 Scrapbook

From the Apollo 11 scrapbook I made back in '69. I got the date for the moonwalk wrong. But hey, I was only 10 years old.


  1. Did you include storuesvabout "2001" ? My scrapbook did, I knew it was fiction but it seemed the next step.

    After the landing, there was so much coverage I didn't add to the scrapbook. I just saved the front sections of some newspapers, and tge various magazines like "Look" and "Life".

    It was a big event.

    The mivue "The Dish" does a good jib of representating the anticipation we all had fifty years ago.


  2. I kept all the newspapers and magazines. I was convinced they'd be worth a fortune someday. HA! I think they disappeared in an attic cleaning. "The Dish" is one of my favorite antenna movies.

  3. Hey Bill,
    You were correct with the date; it was July 21,1969 UTC, 0256 hours.
    best 73, Stephen VK2BLQ


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