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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Please Listen for My 80 Milliwatt CQ Tomorrow, Wednesday 16 Octoberr

I will be calling CQ from Northern Virginia starting at 1330Z (0930 Eastern) on Wednesday 16 October 2019 on 7038.6 kHz with my ET-2 QRPpp rig.   I have made two contacts so far -- both contacts were at a range of about 300 miles.      I'd like to be able to make at least one per day.   If you are within range please listen for my CQ tomorrow and give me a call.  

Thanks and 73  Bill N2CQR


  1. W2DAB will be listening in the Big Apple!

  2. Some kind of stupid contest going on, I tried but cant hear anything through this mess. N0WVA

  3. Contest is CWT and it ENDS today at 1400 Z, 1000 Eastern. I will go back to 7038.6 from 1000 to 1020 or so. Thanks and 73 Bill

  4. No copy here in MO , Bill. Perhaps maybe a little late for good propagation to my QTH? Using my Corsair 2.


  5. Thanks to all who tried. I did work Jim W1PID in New Hampshire, about 430 miles. He said I peaked at S6.
    Doug: Maybe you would have heard me if you were using one of those HOT N0WVA regens!

  6. N0WVA: Maybe we can try later in the day on Friday. Or perhaps in the evening. Can you send me an e-mail address? n2cqr@yahoo.com

  7. Ok Bill, its nzerowva@yahoo.com
    I can listen fri morning if work doesnt need me for a double shift. Antenna is a folded dipole at 30ft, probably should be up another 20 ft. AT 430 miles your still getting good MPG.


    1. From: Wayne Burdick
      Subject: [Elecraft] Looking for volunteer to design a tiny CW
      transceiver for socially isolated kids/teens

      Wayne has an applicarion that might use your 2 transistor rig.
      See the Elecraft reflector,
      Message-ID: <1F9054D9-39AC-429B-9970-E66872BFF044@elecraft.com>

      73, Rick Barnich K8BMA


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