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Friday, November 29, 2019

Follow-Up on Scratch-built BITX17 -- Board Map and Video

In my last post I put up a time lapse GIF of my BITX 17 build from about six years ago.  Above you can see my drawing explaining what each of the stages that you see popping up on the board wereMore diagrams here: 
And a lot more info on this build are available on this blog.  Just use the search box for build updates (but be aware that this search will also bring up updates on later projects). 

Above is a slightly out-of-focus video tour of the board. 

I'm posting this stuff partly in reaction to the news that the BITX 40 module is no longer for sale.  I hope these posts will serve as a reminder that it is quite possible to homebrew from scratch your own BITX transceiver.  This is a fun and rewarding project.  Three cheers for Farhan! 

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