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Saturday, October 24, 2020

On the Cover of The Rolling Stone (Almost) -- Jac Holzman, Elektra Records, and Ham Radio


Thanks to Stephen VK2BLQ for alerting us to this.  That is Jac Holzman of Elektra Records fame, pictured in a recent article in Rolling Stone: 

The Rolling Stone caption says he is in his "home studio," but we recognize it clearly as a ham shack. 

Here is another article about Jac: 

ARRL reports that his callsign was K2VEH. 

Hey, Pete plays guitar.  So does Farhan.  Should we have our people call Jac's people?  Maybe do lunch? 


  1. Musicality is a natural subset of Ham skills. The cadence/rhythm of CW, digital dexterity (key/bug), ability to discern adjacent CW signals and 'fists' and skilful entertaining repartee naturally lead to music - and dance! What's your forte, Bill? a decent voice? drums? keyboards? lyrics?
    73 de ZL2DEX

    1. I must be the exception. I have no musical ability. I joined a chorus while in a rather grueling army training program -- they offered juice and cookies after the service. They told me I could have the goodies, but asked that I just lip synch and make no attempt at singing.

  2. Oh dear, Bill. Sadness. But here's one for 'Pasta Pete': that parody on "Old Smokey", "On top of spaghetti". :)


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