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Friday, November 27, 2020

6EQUJ5 -- SNR, the Big Ear Radio Telescope, and the "Wow" Signal


This Hack-A-Day article explains the significance of 6EQUJ5 on the paper readout of the Big Ear radio telescope.  It is a signal-to-noise readout. 

The article also has interesting information about the radio telescope that was used.  

I have on my shelf John Kraus W8JK's wonderful book "Big Ear Two -- Listening for Other Worlds."  John Kraus is the guy who built the Big Ear.  In a reminder of how new radio technology really is,  Kraus got his start in radio as a ten year-old boy in 1920.  He ripped the wire out of the ignition coil  of a Model T Ford to make a tuning coil for a crystal radio.  He took the earpiece out of the family telephone.  His father gave him a chunk of Galena.  He used the crystal radio to listen to the early broadcasts of WWJ in Detroit. 

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  1. My Elmer Bob Scott WB8JEY lived down the road from the Big Ear stopped and had a look more than a few times very impressive for a 19 year old. Got to listen to Bob Kruse talk at COSI super interesting.


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