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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Video: Introduction to the TinySA Spectrum Analyzer

The TinySA has some very cool capabilities, and this short intro video provides a good sense of what it can do.  

I am learning how to use the TinySA so that I can check the output of my Mythbuster transceiver (I now have the first portion of the transmitter working.)  I tried to use the TinySA to check the carrier and opposite sideband suppression on my new Mythbuster transceiver, but I think the max Resolution Bandwidth (3 kHz) is too high for me to do this.  Please let me know if I am missing something.  That would have been a very useful capability.  

The rest of the videos are here: 

It also functions as a signal generator that also provides AM and FM modulated signals.  You can also have a waterfall on the spectrum display.  Very nice. 

I have not yet figured out how to listen to the signals.  This is one of Erik's videos -- it looks like you have to solder in a connection for audio out. 

Thank you Erik Kaashoek. 


  1. Good find on Erik's videos - no nonsense and straight to the point. I love my TinySA and NanoVNA - they are so useful that I can no longer imagine being without them - even though I know that homebrewers have built great rigs for many years without them. And yeah, with 3kHZ resolution bandwidth you won't have the fidelity to check for carrier and sideband suppression. One cool thing to do is to put the supplied antenna on - you can see al the FM stations in the area very clearly on the spectrum display. You can also you it to find noise sources by walking around. I used it to check for spurs and harmonics on the SimpleSSB - it performed better than the uBitx! I also used it to check out my Baofeng - the ARRL test lab is right - not close to compliant. Guess I need to spend more than $25 on an HT. As I said - these are super useful tools.


  2. When my crystal filter is built, i am going to spend time admiring it with my NanoVNA Ed KC8SBV

  3. Really useful video Bill. I’ve ordered one as a result!

  4. Have a look at this example: https://tinysa.org/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Main.IQBalance
    Using a 2.7kHz audio tone it is just possible to show carrier and opposite side band suppression. The example is for an I/Q modulator but it is applicable to a conventional SSB modulator too. Dynamic range for such narrow band signals is a bit low.


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