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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Looking at the Galaxy's Spiral Arms with a Dongle, a Raspberry Pi,and a Homebrew Antenna

I told Farhan that the world NEEDS a homebrew Raspberry Pi observatory at Lamakaan in Hyderabad. They are on it.  

This looks very do-able.  And fun.  And UHF.  And SDR. And Raspberry Pi. 

I'd like to build one too.  I was encouraged by the video demo -- it was done in Alexandria, Virginia, very close to where I live. 

A while back I was lamenting to Dean that I reluctantly threw away a DISH or DIRECT TV  satellite TV antenna.  I worried that I had discarded something that would have been useful for radio astronomy.  Turns out I didn't need it.   This video and the associated .pdf shows how to look at the galaxy with a simple homebrew (Home Depot!) horn.  

Thanks to Thomas K4SWL of the SWLing Post for alerting us to this. 


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  2. I would give anything to go back 60 years and show this to me in junior high.


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