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Sunday, November 20, 2022

Watching Shortwave Broadcast Stations on the TinySA Spectrum Analyser

November 18, 2022 1244 UTC. I was using a TinySA spectrum analyzer to look at noise levels on the 40 meter ham radio band. I also wanted to take a look slightly above the band (in frequency) to see Radio Marti at 7355 kHz. As I was doing this I remembered that Vatican Radio was on the air at 7305 kHz from 1230 UTC to 1245 UTC. So was just going to catch the last moments of that day's transmissions. Sure enough, I caught it, and watched it disappear from the TinySA screen. See the video above.

Radio Marti continued on. In the morning we can hear the rooster recordings from that station. We are using it to test how well our homebrew Direct Conversion receivers avoid AM detection. In the video I mistakenly said these two transmitters were on the air with 250 megawatts. The correct power is 250 kilowatts. Both transmit from Greenville NC. I think the signal from Vatican Radio is stronger here because they are using a different antenna pattern -- Radio Marti is aimed at Cuba.

This reminds me of a cool project I have not yet done:  modifying the TinySA to allow the user to listen to the station: https://soldersmoke.blogspot.com/2021/10/how-to-listen-with-your-tinysa.html  I notice that Dean KK4DAS (my colleague in DC receiver design) was the only commenter on the blog post describing the TinySA mod. TRGHS.  We need to to do this. 

Here are the reports showing when Vatican Radio and Radio Marti were on the air on November 18, 2022: 


  1. The recently announced TinySA Ultra for those of who require either a lot of squinting or reading glasses to make out the small print in the screen (it has a 4” screen) does come with an audio output, so no more modding required.

    1. Thanks Karl. Very cool. I will write about the Ultra soon. 73 Bill

  2. I've been in the Greenville NC transmitter transmitter building and antenna field. It's an otherworldly outsized place. As I recall , they still use 211 tubes early on in the transmitter chain. I was there 15 yrs or so ago, and this may have changed.... but I doubt it :-)


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