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Friday, March 3, 2023

My HP8640B Signal Generator Lives Again

I'd really come to like this old signal generator.  The construction is superb.  It was built to be repaired.  As you open it up you find all kinds of useful diagrams and pointers.  It is very solidly built - it looks like something that was built for the Apollo program.  And it was given to me by a friend:  Steve Silverman KB3SII gave it to me in 2017 -- he had it in his New York City shack.  Dave Bamford W2DAB picked it up for me just before Steve moved out of the city.  

I've already done one complex  repair on it -- one of the tines on one of the selection switches fell of and I had to replace the tine.  That was difficult, but it was a very satisfying repair.  

But lately, the HP8640B started acting up again.  It developed an intermittent problem that caused both the signal generator and the frequency counter to just shut down.  

I was thinking that this might be the end of the road for the HP8640B.  I even started looking for alternatives.  But they were all very unappealing.  They come in plastic boxes with names like Feeltech and Kooletron.  The boxes are filled with flaky wiring and boards hot glued to the plastic.  Yuck.  The contrast with the HP8640B could not be stronger.  

So I started to think about the problem.  This was the first part of the troubleshooting process.  I asked myself:  What would cause several different systems (counter, frequency generator, and display) to all shut down?   The power supply was a leading candidate.  

I started reading the power supply section of the HP8640B manual.  There was a line in there that caught my eye:  The power supply boards had on them LEDs that glowed if the board was functioning.  Thank you Hewlett Packard!  I opened the top of the signal generator and found the power supply boards. Sure enough, there were the LEDs.  I turned the generator on, and found that one of the lights was out. Bingo. (Trevor takes a look at the power supply boards in the video above.  I have it cued up to the 12:57 point at which he talks about and shows these boards.) 

Here was the other clue:  The problem was intermittent.  It kind of seemed like a loose connection.  So I just unseated the board and took it out.  I put some De-Oxit on the connector and popped it back in.  Boom:  The LED came on and the HP8640B came pack to life. 

There is a whole bunch of great info and videos on the HP8640B on the internet.  It is almost as if a cult has developed.  This signal generator is worthy of a cult following.  Count me in.  

I especially liked the video below.  Kevin really captures the admiration that many of us feel toward the way this piece of gear was built.  He also kind of hints at the way this sig gen could become a pirate transmitter on the FM broadcast band (at 8:44):  

I know that eventually the problematic plastic gears in this device might fall apart.  I am prepared for this:  I already have the metal replacement gears from India.   

Thanks again to Steve Silverman KB3SII and Dave Bamford W2DAB for bringing me into the HP8640B cult. 


  1. What is the source in India for the metal gears for the 8640 ?

  2. From my 2020 blog post: Here is the e-bay page of the fellow in Bangalore who makes the brass gears. Mine are on the way!

  3. They are still on sale: https://www.ebay.com/itm/154054911606

  4. Fine business! But guilty as charged here - I have one of the cheap JDS6600 signal generators with the weird brand name "ICQUANZX." Maybe I get partial credit for using it to entertain Thanksgiving guests with Lissajous figures on my Tek 465

  5. Bought a said-to-be-working 8640 at a hamfest. Of course stopped working as soon as I powered it up. It ended up being a resistor in the oscillator cavity that had drifted from 820ohms up to almost 10kohm, which meant not enough current was supplied to the oscillator transistor. Replaced it, and it came to life. Really like it
    //Tommy, SA2CLC


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